Branding of the well known people out back in the west – limousines are tough to carry out man, especially if you pose some kind of threat to the other people out there in the country. Seriously. Don’t even think about doing that sort of thing if you are not comfortable 100% with it, you’d probably get beat up really badly. Not even exaggerating, that’s how much people love their local businesses. Calstock has a long and windy history of being the most awesome people […]

Hey there. Couple of interesting questions I’d like to pose to you all today. A friend of mine recently posed this extremely thought provoking, yet disturbingly serious question the other day. I felt compelled to share it with all of you today. If you could have just one question answered, any question, and you’d have to kill someone for it, what would the question be and who would you kill? Note, said person must be a realistic target – not Kim Jung Un for example. […]

Short post today. Did you know how many people go broke each year from immature car loans? Jesus. How’s this for a scary thought! Although this may sound stupid, but people frequently choose the wrong vehicle to buy from. You should always analyze your situation when choosing your vehicle, you do not need a car with eight seats if you are only using go and come back from work every day. Therefore, you should only choose cars which fulfill your specific needs. Many people frequently […]

Eh. I have no idea if you’ll one day be successful or not, because that can be such a tall thing to ask of so many business. Just like Damien Jono here at this painting company who came up with nothing and had to fight his way through the mud without support of his family, you need to ultimately ask yourself what exactly is holding you back from getting clients and successful business relationships with other people. If you can’t successful do that, you’re going […]

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